The Bad Ragaz Senior Open.


Bad Ragaz Senior PGA Open.

The week did not start too well, I struggled with the swing, well actually with most of the game. I have a hard time getting off the blocks and produce a good first round. This week I had a great warm up before the first round. I really hit the ball well on the range, but I got eaten alive when I got out on the course. Sometimes you need a good bounce or something unexpected good to happen during the round. It did not happen for me.  Even my good shots did not end up close to the hole, so it was really mind games out there. I tackled it well mentally and stayed patient throughout the tournament.

I know it is a matter of waiting until I get it all together and I will be chasing the top spots. I did not play well in the second round either, but got it under par. There is something in my downswing I can’t get right. I tend to swing down on the outside and come across the ball with a closed clubface, producing a left shot☹….. When I play well I can always hit a straight ball flight when I feel stressed. I don’t really have that shot at the moment. Something I will work on for the next couple of weeks. I will see the swing doctor Leif Nyholm next week for a lasting swing fix.

I finished 20th in the Bad Ragaz Senior PGA Open with rounds of 73 – 69 – 67 for a total of 1 under par. I will give myself top points for patience and mental strength. It was very tough at times with bad bounces and having to work hard for everything I got. The last round was very frustrating even though I shot 67. I played at times very well. Drove the ball great all day, hit a lot of good ironshots right on the money. Missed three putts from 3 to 6 feet on the front nine. But the funny thing is, I am very happy with my putting now. I hit less bad putts in the last round and I am mentally much more relaxed over the ball. I do have problems reading the break on the greens, which is something I also have to work on. I am very happy with the progress I have made with the putter this week, which is certainly the highlight of the week.

I finished 8 shots behind the winner Paul Wesselingh. Ask me how easy I can find those shots, VERY easy, but I have to do it, it is not enough saying it. I feel I am getting closer to getting my game where I want it. The only minus now is, I have two weeks without tournament before the British Senior Open.  It would have been nice with a tournament right up against the British Senior Open.

The European Senior Tour is going into a great phase from the British Senior Open. We have 7 tournaments in 9 weeks. With this in mind I really look forward to August and September.