Chubb Classic Event Qualifier, Fort Myers, Florida. PGA Tour Champions.


A week has passed since I played in West Palm Beach and I have really done a great deal of constructive work on my game. I have been working hard on getting the club more shallow at attack, shaft not laid off at the top and on the down swing, short game (using a ten finger grip on my chipping), gripping the putter further down with my right hand and it all went well today :). I shot 67, five under, but sadly finished 5th, with only the top 4 players going on to the Chubb Classic in Naples this weekend.

I am in good frame of mind mentally, trying to put more concentration in to my practice, so my practice resembles tournament play. I do a preshot routine during practice now and it really helps me hitting better shots and with the right sense of tension. I brought this to the course today with a good result.

I am delighted with my progress and would have loved to have a shot at this weeks tournament in Naples. Not to be, but my game is really good and now I have time to continue my good work over the next weeks, before I fly to Dubai and play in Sharjar. It is the first tournament on the European Senior Tour schedule and is played in the middle of March.

I haven't done my schedule until my departure on March 11, but will look at it tomorrow. I will play some tournaments in Florida and work hard on my game, so I keep the progress going.

Scores can be seen on this link:

Happy Valentines Day :)