Danish soil under my feet.


Back in Denmark.

I have returned to Denmark after 2 ½ months in Florida. Nice to get back home, but I already miss warm Florida☺.

I was scheduled to play two tournaments on the Ecco Tour in Germany in mid April. The tournaments has been cancelled due to the cold weather. My next tournament will be on the Nordea Tour in Malmø, at PGA National 25/4 – 27/4.

I have seen coach Leif Nyholm in the week passed.  As I have described earlier, I did not swing the club well in Florida. Leif and I had a good session and I need to work on the following things:

1. Keep the right heel in the ground longer at impact. This will get me a better body turn.
2. Get my left forearm to go more towards the target after impact. I will then start the ball more often on the right path.
3. Stay tall through the swing. I can easily turn through the ball and release the club.

I will work on this for the next weeks and see Leif again on the 16th of April.

I am also getting the last equipment sorted out. I am getting a driving iron, Wilson D100 4 iron, bent to 15 degrees. This will be used on windy days or links courses instead of my 5 wood. I am testing the new D100 Wilson driver, and is very upbeat about the flight of the ball. I will test it again next week with my right driver swing weight of D5. I have also received the new Wilson traction control wedges. Looking forward to putting them into the bag soon.

The weather and the condition of the Danish golf courses is a challenge at this time of year. Nothing I can do about this, just have to dig deep and get the best out of the conditions.

I can’t wait to get started playing tournaments again. Feel ready and I am sure my trip to the US will give me a lot of experience for the upcoming tournaments.

Meanwhile, hope you get your season under way, and good luck, enjoy it☺