Does life change after turning 50?


NO. Golf is just as difficult!!

I just played the Crown Plaza Copenhagen Challenge hosted by Royal, a Challenge Tour tournament.

Sadly, I missed the cut by one stroke, shooting 73 – 74, for five over par. It was a good tournament in many ways, I swung the club really good and created a lot of birdie opportunities, mentally I was very relaxed and focused, I was very comfortable driving the ball into the tight fairways and attacking the pins. The thing I need to work on is capitalizing on the birdie chances. I am not putting well at the moment.

In fact, it has been a while since I putted well. First it was a technical fault with my left arm sticking out too much. It caused me to move my left arm when striking the ball and obviously also moving the club head away from the intended line. Missing a lot of putts drains me mentally. Suddenly I am second-guessing the line and have a hard time reading the greens. It all adds up to scores higher than I should produce.

I will solve this problem by using an accelerating exercise with the putter. This exercise is relevant when I feel like the ball I jumping straight off the putter face at contact. This happens when I get defensive and decelerate the putter head. When using the accelerating exercise I try and over take the ball with the putter head once I have struck the ball. This means that my putter head has to be moving towards the target at a high speed than the ball. I don’t actually overtake the ball but I get very close to the ball with the putter head, after I have struck the ball. I produce a feeling that the ball stays in the putter face for a long time and it is me who decide which direction the ball goes. It is a much more positive stroke, but the hard part is not hitting the ball too hard. The ball still has to roll with the speed I normally hole out with. Sounds complicated, it isn’t☺.

On the 28th of October I will leave for Murcia, Spain. I am playing two tournaments in Spain. First I am playing an Evolve Tour on El Valle from the 30th of October, a 3 round tournament. The following week I am playing the 2nd stage to The European Tour, and luckily, have drawn the same course for the qualifying, El Valle☺☺…

I will try and get a card on the European Tour, which will give me some more playing opportunities for 2013, besides the European Senior Tour and the Ecco Tour. Time will tell what happens, I am very satisfied with my progress so far this year and there is a lot of good golf to be played in the future.

One putt greetings,