European Senior Tour MCB Championship, round 2 and final round, Mauritius.


Finished the last two rounds with 74 and 68 for a total of 215, one under par for the tournament. This tournament looked a lot like the rest of the year, getting under par but not many under par for the tournament. I had a tough day yesterday, but had it one under par after 13 holes. Wasn't swinging the club good but just trying to grind out a round under par. Sadly, I made a double bogey on 15 and shot 74. I found something that worked for me the last 5 holes, opening up my shoulder a little bit and got better contact with the ball.

That was my key to swing the club better today. I wasn't swinging the club great today, but was able to eliminate one side all day and kept the ball in play. I made a lot of good putts today. So much fun to play golf when the putts drop. I moved up a few spots today and is happy with the last round of the year.

Tomorrow is the MCB Pro am at the legends. A fun day with customers of our great sponsor. Let's have fun and enjoy the golf and hospitality :).

I will evaluate the year soon and be back with my thoughts on what is going to happen in 2017

I finished tied 25 and scores can be viewed here:

Mauritius style greetings to all.