European Tour Qualifying 2nd. stage


Why European Tour Qualifying School!

That is a question I have been asked many times lately.

Why are you trying to qualify for the European Tour, are you not playing the European Senior Tour next year?

Yes I am playing the European Senior Tour next year. On top of that I am trying to create as many playing possibilities at the highest level possible. I need to play other tournaments than the European Senior Tour, because there are not enough European Senior Tour tournaments to play in, to stay 100% tuned.

Therefore I need to play other tours like, Ecco Tour, Nordea Tour or European Tour.

At the moment I am getting ready for the 2nd stage qualifying to the European Tour. The qualifying is a 72 hole strokeplay, there are 78 players on El Valle, which is the course I am qualifying at. We don’t know yet, how many places we are qualifying for, that will be announced later on this week. The players qualifying this week go on to the final qualifying to the European Tour later on this month in northern Spain.

I am very happy with the consistency in my game. It has been good for several months now and my putting is getting better at every tournament. I need to stay patient and let the scores come to me. Keep focusing on what I want to achieve and concentrate on my own game every minute, hour and day. Let the other players do what they do and I will keep a close eye on my game. Mentally I am putting a lot less importance on my putting. Just trying to have fun on the greens and enjoy the chances I am creating. Less stress☺.

The tournament starts Wednesday and I can’t wait for it to start, it will be fun.