Farmfoods European Senior Masters, Staysure Tour, Birmingham, England.


Congratulations to a very popular champion Santiago Luna from Spain smiley.

I came to Forest of Arden in Birmingham after a two week break, which was needed after I was blown apart in the last round of the Scottish Open in the windy conditions. Refreshed and ready for two weeks of tournament golf. We had nice weather in the first round and then it turned cold, very cold. Round 3 was postponed for 2 hours due to frost, so the ball didn't go far in the cold conditions. The course played long and was a good test of golf. Very fast greens and lots of good long par 4's. 

I finished at 5 over par and 30th. Not a all a good week for me. I struggled a lot with the swing the first two rounds, got the shaft behind me again and couldn't get to the ball with a square clubhead. I hit the ball either right or left and just struggled. I got the club more straight back and higher in the last round and actually played well. A double bogey on my last hole ruined a good days work. 

Next tournament will be the Paris Legends starting Thursday. Will focus on getting the shaft out in front of me so the clubhead is on line longer and this will give me a bigger margin of error. 

Till next week,