French Riviera Masters, Round 1. European Senior Tour.


Despite 24 hours of rain, we started on time this morning and played a wet course, but very playable. Because of a great drainage system on the course, we completed 18 holes before the heavy rain hit again this evening.

I played much better than I scored. I am happy with the changes I have made on my putting and swing. I am not happy with the score, shooting three over par 75. It was a day of battling and I did that very well. Just got back to par on 15 after a birdie and hoped for a good finish. Didn't get up and down from just off the green on 16 and hit my drive in to the trees on 17 and had to chip it out in the fairway. I made a bogey and a double bogey and ruined the score I was keeping together, sadly.

There are several good things going on and I am very focused on finding a more relaxed frame of mind when playing. I did very well today, just staying cool and getting the best out of what I have got. I will be back tomorrow with the same attitude, trying to stay relaxed and get a good score. I am very positive and happy to be playing tournament golf again.

Lots of smiles,