Injury improving but it might not be enough.


I have had another light practice day at the British Senior Open.

My day started in the physio unit with a bit of biking, then a quick shower. Back to the physio unit to get a plan for the day. I had a new tape laid on the left side and then the physio massaged the areas around the torned muscle. This to make sure the areas around the torned muscle were loose and ready for a bit of practice.

I started with putting, then on to chipping and bunkershots. No problems in that department today. Clearly the muscle was considerably better today. Not as sore as yesterday. Then I went to the range to hit a few balls carefully. I hit some sandwedges, then 8 irons and then went on to 5 irons. I couldn't hit through the ball with the 5 iron. I could hit the 5 iron very easy, but every time I tried to hit it at normal speed I could clearly feel the muscle contracting and getting increased sore. I stopped hitting any more balls and walked the front nine holes to get better acquainted with the holes, in case I play tomorrow. Before heading back to the B&B a third trip to the physio bus to get iced down:)

I am very uncertain about tomorrow. In order to play I will need to be able to hit the ball at full speed, otherwise I will pull out of the tournament. My teetime is 12:30 and I will be at the course by 10:00 and get a good warm up. More news tomorrow.