Jacksonville Senior Open, Sunbelt Tour.


Jacksonville Senior Open March 4 – 7, 2013.

This is a true copy of the last tournament in Melbourne Beach. I started well in the first round, and from then on it was downhill☹.

Although I did much better this week, especially on the second day in very windy and cold conditions, I managed to stay calm and get a decent score.

The last round was a true nightmare. I really hit the ball bad and kept hitting it left of my target. I had no feeling of the swing and just had to survive. I did survive and finished 6th with scores of 69 – 76 - 73 for a two over par. All the results can be seen on this link:

The most positive and very satisfying outcome of the week is my putting. I went on the internet the evening before the tournament and looked for inspiration on my putting. I stumbled on a putting lesson from Harold Swash. Harold has been on the European Tour for many years and is a real putting “Guru”. He was telling how important it is to hit up on the ball when striking it, in order to get the ball to roll over as quickly as possible.  I thought I was doing that, but when I did a conscious effort next morning before the round , I knew I hadn’t been hitting up on the ball. Great lesson from Harold. Thanks Harold☺

I am still missing putts I should be making, but I am making more putts and the once I miss, I miss by less. Of course it is a mental matter also, and this will take time to get confident, but now I know what to work on☺☺.

I will stay in Jacksonville over the weekend and practice. I have been allowed to play and practice at Country Club Orange Lake by the owner Charles Raulerson. Thanks Charles☺.

On Sunday I will go to TPC Sawgrass to practice, looking forward to seeing the facilities.

Next and last tournament in the US will be Amelia Island Senior Open Tuesday till Thursday next week.

Until then, ENJOY. Steen.