Jordan Mixed Open. Staysure Tour, Jordan.


On my way to Jordan to start the 2019 season.

After a 2 ½ month break from golf, I started hitting balls again in the beginning of March. I needed a break to stand back and look at last season. What to learn from 2018, and how to proceed with 2019. It is easier get a clear picture after a while and put a plan together going forward.

The plan has come together, and I have decided to stay focused 100% on the Staysure Tour (European Senior Tour) 2019 and make sure I get a good ranking going in to 2020. That means, I have not done qualifying’s for the Champions Tour this year, and all depending how the season goes it is not in my schedule to play any Monday qualifying’s.

I have also decided to compete in Ironman Copenhagen on August 18, my training started early January and is going well. Ironman is all about discipline and a strong mind. The mindset from Ironman will feed in to my golf as it did earlier in my senior career and that is what I need. I have something else to focus on, not only golf, and that makes me very motivated. I will do less intense cardio training during tournament weeks and then step it up in off weeks. I will once again be the fittest golfer over the age of 50 playing on any senior Tour in the world.

I have played a couple of tournaments on the West Florida Golf Tour the past weeks to get ready for Jordan. Played well in the second one in difficult conditions and won it. Good start and nice to have success with the things I’m working on.

After a long break it is easier to make changes, and that is exactly what I am doing.  I am doing a change in my backswing, getting the end of the grip to point towards my bellybutton on the way back and getting the clubhead outside my hands on the back and down swing. Using less hands and let the body take control of the club. I am having more weight over my left foot at set up. I feel it is much easier to keep my balance and rotate my hips through the ball at this position. I have also worked less than I normally do. Trying to pace myself for the year and staying hungry for practice and tournaments. The past few years has been too much golf, playing from the middle of January to middle of December. I have been burnt out early in the year and has resulted in lack of motivation to practice and play.

I am in Istanbul airport waiting for the next flight to Jordan and can’t wait to play this week. The tournament has 40 players from the Challenge Tour, Ladies European Tour and our tour, the Staysure Tour. We will be teeing off three different sets of tees to make the competition as equal as possible. Should be very interesting and we are breaking new ground, so let’s see if it works.

I have 3 days to get ready. Haven’t hit a shot since last Wednesday because of an overworked left wrist. All pain is gone, so I am very relived and hope there will be no complications with the wrist this coming week.

Greetings from Istanbul,