MCB Tour Championship, Mauritius.


I came to Mauritius with the priority to improve even more on my mental process from Spain last week. Secondly, the result I wanted was to make it in to the Tour Final in the Seychelles the following week. 32 players make it in to the final and I was 35 on the order of merit before the week. It turned out to be a dramatic week but in the end I got in the Seychelles as the last player.

I played well at times but couldn't get the consistency I was looking for. I was never really in control of the swing, I struggled with the 3/4 shots all tournament. I kept hitting them left, couldn't get the timing right, turning my body and clubface at the same speed.  Mentally, I coped great with everything on the course again and can realIy thank my mind for the scores I shot this week. Scores of 70 - 69 - 73, four under and finished 17th. Was this enough to advance at least 3 spots and get in to the final at Seychelles? Our well liked Head of the Staysure Tour David MacLaren told me, when I had signed my scorecard, at the moment I would miss going to the Seychelles by 80 euro. Luckily for me, a bogey by Peter Fowler on the final hole took me up one spot from 18th to 17th and that was enough for me to advance to the MCB Tour final in the Seychelles by less than 50 euro. Sadly my good friend Andre Bossert just missed out and will travel as 1st reserve for this week.

I am obviously delighted and thrilled to have another shot at a tournament this year. It doesn't get easier on the Staysure Tour. The guys are shooting phenomenal scores and this week Clark Dennis shot 23 under for 3 rounds, with no bogeys. I take my hat of and congratulate a great champion.  

By the way, I had a great stretch of golf during the second round, where I played 8 holes in 7 under par, including a hole in one. Great fun. The most important stretch was the last 6 holes in the final round. I double bogeyd the 12th hole and then played the last 6 holes 3 under, that's mental strength.

Happy days in Mauritius.