Paris Legends Championship, France. European Senior Tour.


What a difference a year has made to the condition of next years host course of the Ryder Cup, Le National in Paris France. It was in fabulous condition this year. Excellent fairways and the best greens we have played all year. We got spoiled and I loved every minute of it. Le National is such a demanding course with water in play on so many holes. It is a real test of nerves and mental stamina.

I played well most of the week, especially in the second round. I played one of my best rounds of golf this year. I felt my game came together and did so many good things, except putting a good score on the scoreboard. I had two balls in the water and a lost ball, just off the fairway. It was a combination of bad luck, wrong club selection, and a mental error. I am playing with more confidence and a lot more determination to get the results I feel I should be getting.

I shot 74 – 73 – 73 to finish tied 25th. Not the result I was looking for, but such is golf. I am doing so many things right now, and I am excited about it. I’m so close to putting some good scores on the boards, so it is all about building on my performance in Italy and France this week.

I am working on keeping my left arm firm when putting. This creates a feeling of the left arm doing the lead when putting. I made a lot of good putts this week, more than any other week all year.  The best part was, I felt great over the ball and felt like I was going to make them ☺. I am working on trying to straighten out my left leg during my follow through in my swing. I am far from doing it, but will work hard on it during the winter break. I also need to get my left wrist straighter instead of open, this will give me a better chance of drawing the ball again. My wrist is slowly moving in the right direction, so that is nice work.

Mentally, I am concentrating on doing my very best on every shot, and accept the outcome. Make solid decisions and commit to the shot. I made a couple of mental mistakes this week, not committing to the shots, and it costs me several double bogeys. I recovered fast every time, let out my frustration, and then got back in the grove on the very next shot ☺.

So, all in all a good week and I am certainly looking forward to next week in Holland. There are no guarantees in golf, and the worst thing I feel I can do is having high expectations, so next week is all about – “Doing my very best on every shot and accept the outcome”. Fight for every shot and get the maximum out of the game on the day ☺, whether it is 68 or 78…..
Until next week, have a fun week ☺.