Paris Legends, Staysure Tour, Paris, France.


It is time to take a real good break from golf, I keep throwing myself up against the wall and getting nowhere. I finished 48th shooting 73 - 76 - 77 in Paris, an embarrassing performance, and so far away from the kind of golf I am capable of playing. I am mentally drained, low on confidence and motivation, because of poor results the last many tournaments. There is no light at the end of the tunnel, just darkness.  

I will do a control, alt, delete in my brain and restart it after the break. Take the few good things with me and forget the rest of what I have been through the past months. I am back in Florida until I have to play in Spain at the of November and the following week in Mauritius. If I play well in these tournaments I can make it in to the final tournament of the year in the Seychelles. 

I will begin to think about how to prepare for these tournaments later on in November, right now, it is time to heal and get my focus and motivation back to perform in Spain and Mauritius.

Warm greetings from sunny Florida,