PGA Tour Champions Event coming up.


I am back in Florida preparing for 2017.

We spent Christmas and New Years in Denmark, and had some great weeks of vacation. Had too much to eat and drink, but I guess that is part of the tradition ☺.

We are now home in Florida and I am getting ready for the 2017 season to start.
Let me first dwell a little bit on the 2016 season. It was a good season in the sense that I played well most of the year, but didn’t have any top placements. I shot under par in 9 out of 10 regular European Senior Tour tournaments, just didn’t shoot many under par. I did not have one single good putting week in all of 2016. That was really the reason I didn’t have any top 3’s. The good news is the putting improved a lot towards the end of the year and I have something to carry forward to 2017.

2016 was also tough on my lower back. I had a lot of problems all year. I got back spasms in the first tournament in Wales and it did not let up all year. I wasn’t able to practice at all after tournament rounds.  During warm up before tournament rounds, I would hit a minimum amount of balls. So, obviously that was very challenging for me, and not great preparation for tournament play. I fought through it all year long and managed to finish 28 on the order of merit. Not satisfying, but I did my best and I have to be happy with that performance. I started work out for my lower back in July 2016 and have continued the good work since then. I am much stronger now and don’t expect any issues with the back in the coming year.

The coming season is soon to begin. I have done a lot of physical preparations and I’m in great shape. I started hitting balls again on January 15 and my first tournament will be PGA Tour Champions event qualifier in Palm Beach Gardens on February 7. I will play another PGA Tour Champions event qualifier the following week in Fort Myers on February 14.  Once I have played those two events, and hopefully qualified, it is back to the European Senior Tour. The European Senior Tour is starting up in Sharjah in the middle of March. I will focus on getting a good order of merit finish on the European Senior Tour this year. I will not play as much in the spring as I usually do, I won’t travel a lot for small tournaments. Focus more on competitive practice and stay hungry until we are back in Europe this summer.

I have changed to the new V6 FG Tour irons from Wilson. Very happy with this change. I had a great lesson with my coach Leif Nyholm during Christmas in Denmark. I had gotten in to a bad habit of laying off the shaft too much. I felt like I was in my own way on the way down to the ball. I had to use too much hands to get the clubface to the ball, because the shaft was coming too much from the inside. We corrected this and I am back on track, swinging the club more freely and I’m in a lot better position throughout the swing.

All the elements are there for a good 2017. I have learned a lot from the last two seasons and I’m keen to go out on the course and get some good results this year. My newly hired caddie Gordon Mclay is also a great addition to the team. I have enjoyed his company during the last tournaments he has been on the bag. It will be great to have him on the bag in all tournaments on the European Senior Tour this year. Certainly, that will also get the stroke average down and some top finishes in 2017.

Thanks to the companies behind in 2017. I am happy to continue the partnership with Wilson Staff, Abacus, Widex and Cervelo. It is a tremendous help to have these companies aboard and I hope others will follow.

Happy golfing to All.