PGA Tour Champions Event Qualifying, Allianz Open.


We were 50 players today, playing for 4 spots for this weeks PGA Tour Champions tournament.

I was a bit rusty all day, but pretty happy with my performance. I shot 74, but it do not reflect my game today. I had lots of chances to move to 2 or 3 under after 14, but was level par. I hit a bad tee shot on 15 and made a double bogey to finish two over.

I have been working on getting the club more out in front of me, and at times it felt really good and other times the feeling was completely gone. This is very normal, when I work on something new, it takes time before it feels natural all 18 holes. I hit 3 or 4 bad drives today, besides that, I can't be unhappy with the performance. I was pretty relaxed and comfortable on course, even though it is 6 weeks since I played the last tournament.

My putting is as good as it has been for years. I am now gripping the putter further down with my right hand and it has made all the difference. It is a shorter shaft I have to control and it feels really good. The ball comes out a lot more on line, and I hit the lip a lot all day. I made a few putts but the potential going forward is really good.

I will now spent some days hitting balls, with a lot of focus on getting the shaft in the right position again. On top of that, work on the game in general and play a couple of rounds before I go to Fort Myers Monday for a new practice round, before qualifying again next Tuesday.

Scores can be viewed here:

Happy Tuesday,