Qualifying for Boca Raton Championship, Champions Tour, Florida.


Great news from the East coast of Florida. I finished 2nd at the Boca Raton Championship final qualifying and got one of the four spots available. I played very solid all day and shot a two under par in windy conditions. What a treat for me to be in this tournament, and I am looking forward to continuing the good form in to the tournament. 

Results from the qualifying can be viewed on this link: https://sflpga.bluegolf.com/bluegolf/sflpga18/event/sflpga1820/contest/1...

I have been working on my game the last month, trying to get ready for this qualfying and next weeks qualifying in Fort Myers. I have had some good results on the West Florida Golf Tour, finishing 5th and tied 1st, (lost in a 5 hole play off). I am very happy with my form and I have been working on relaxing my hands on the clubs and that has loosened up my swing. I have also moved the ball forward in my stance, a stronger grip and trying to lay the club off on my back swing. Lots of things, but they are coming together nicely. 

Well, it will suddenly be a busy week for me. I have pro-am's Wednesday and Thursday before the Boca Raton Championship starts Friday. It will be a good busy and I am very excited to keep working on my game this week. Great start to the year :):):).

Happy and warm greetings from Florida