Scottish Senior Open, Scotland. European Senior Tour.


The Senior Scottish Open 2017.

I am currently crossing the Atlantic, on my way back to Florida and two weeks off from golf. I will focus on physical and mental fitness the coming two weeks, to be back on the European Senior Tour in England on August 25, for the Willow Senior Classic at Hanbury Manor.

Gordon, my caddie, has given me homework while I am in Florida, on how to become a great putter. I will follow his instructions and study Bob Rotellas wisdom, return to Europe and be AWESOME on the greens. Thanks Gordon, you are a big help on and off the course.

Scottish Open was another tough week weather wise and mentally. I shot 72 – 71 – 67, to be 3 under for the tournament. Finished 16th and is not happy with the result. Second round turned out to be a terrible experience and my frustrations on the greens had no end. Before the 2nd round, I decided to change my stroke. I decided to take the putter head more on the outside in the backswing, and keep the head more square through the ball. It worked beautifully on the putting green. I was striking the putts on line and felt the putter head in a better position. The ball was coming out of the head very softly and with a great roll. It worked during the second round too, for a while. I struck some great putts the first 6 holes. I was hitting the putts on line, but left two putts dead center an inch short of the hole. I was comfortable over the putter and was upbeat about the prospect of getting more under par. I was two under par after 6 and hit the difficult par 5, 7th hole, in two.  Three putted from 30 feet and it left me in a total mental melt down. I didn’t recover from that. I 3 putted 3 times more on the last 11 holes and lost my stroke and sense of speed. I Shot even par with 38 putts. Another round in the mid to low sixties was turned in to even par. ☹ ☹. I have been putting well from 6 feet and in, for a long while, just not making anything outside 6 feet. I lost this part of my putting, and it just seemed like, this is the end of the world to me. Mentally, I was as down as I have been for a long time.

With no desire to play another round, I had to try and finish the tournament on a high, and take something positive with me before my two week break.  I drove the ball well the last day, like the other days, but didn’t hit the quality iron shots.  I putted well though.  I decided to adapt the putting stroke, to whatever I felt it should be.  Sometimes I moved the ball further away, and other times closer to me feet., whatever felt comfortable, I did. I managed to mentally keep the internal war with myself at a minimum and produce a score better than I played for the first time this year. It was a good way to finish, positive vibes to bring back to Florida.

I will keep fighting and searching for the right mental and technical approach to putting. It is all standing between me and low scores. It has to be solved.

A two week break will do me good, and I will regain my desire to come back stronger and better to shoot the scores I know I can. It will happen and I will make it happen ☺ ☺.

Before returning to Europe for 3 tournaments, it is time to enjoy some days at the number 1 beach in the US, Siesta Key……..


Steen :).