The Senior Open Championship, Royal Porthcawl, Wales.


I can't remember a tougher Major Championship in my career. The weather was a huge challenge this week, with high gusting winds and rain. At times it was borderline to play, but we finished and Majors are suppose to be tough to play.

I finished 45th on 12 over par with rounds of 77 - 77 -69 - 73. Not a great result, but I fought every day, and at one time it looked like I was going to miss the cut. I tried as hard as I could to make the cut, and played the last 5 hard holes in the second round one under par, to be in this weekend. It meant a lot to me, because it gave me two more rounds to practice my mental attitude in tough conditions.

I have been very hard on myself the last few weeks, and I needed to change my frame of mind on course. I managed to do that this week. Accepting mistakes, bad shots, putts off line, wrong club choices, bogeys and worse. I managed to stay cool the last 2 1/2 rounds, no matter what happened. This is a big victory and sets me up for further improvements in the weeks to come.

I changed my putting grip completely in the middle of the second round. My putting wasn't working and I needed to make a change. I went with a pinch grip on my right hand and it improved my putting instantly. I didn't putt great the rest of the tournament, but small improvements are also improvements :). At times, I actually thought I was going to make putts, which was a great feeling and a confidence booster.

I played great in the 3rd round and could easily have shot 64 or 65, it wasn't to be, but I am getting closer to getting my game and the mental part of the game together.

Next tournament is Scottish Open on Friday and I will make my way up to Edinburgh tomorrow and get ready for another show down with bad, rainy, windy and cold weather. Glad I brought my beanie these two weeks.

Summer (if you can call this summer) greetings,

Steen :).