Senior Open Hauts de France, by Jean Van de Velde, Staysure Tour.


Golf is totally unpredictable, I am amazed how this game can get me in a bad mood and break me down over a tournament. I came in to the week feeling great and with lots of positives from Italy last week. I am going home with just the opposite. It was one of those weeks where it is good to evaluate quickly and forget the rest. Get on with something else. I shot 76-76-78 and finished 52nd.

I came in to the week with a new drill in my swing. During practice I have been putting a headcover into my left armpit and keeping it there throughout the swing. It feels great and my arms and body are more in sync when doing this. It was a gamble to do it in the tournament but it worked really well. I am releasing the clubhead better and hit good shots I haven't hit for a long time. 

I played a very sloopy first round and the rest of the tournament was filled with mistakes, mostly on the greens. My judgement of speed on the greens were totally off and I putted poorly all 3 rounds. I have to rebuilt myself the next week before I fly to England to play the next tournament. Golf can be great fun, as it was last week in Italy. This week in France is forgotten and I will move on.