Sharjah Senior Golf Masters, European Senior Tour, Round 1.


It was tough to start the season today. When I teed off on the first tee, I was already 8 shots behind the leader, Chris Williams, whom was at 8 under at that time. Things brighten up as the day went by and I opened the year with a 66, six under and one shot off the lead :).

I played very well all day. It is a continuation of how I have played in the US this spring. I have gotten the shaft much more out in front of me, and my bad shots are a lot better. I am of course thrilled about this improvement and will focus on this change going forward.

I changed my putting too on Tuesday and it worked well today. I didn't feel very comfortable with the change in the beginning of the round, but my confidence grew as the round went on. I am gripping my left hand further down on the shaft and my right hand further up. This means that I am not swinging my right arm as much when putting and it is giving me a great roll on the ball. I was uneasy in the beginning, because I felt like I lost control of the putter head. I trusted it was right, and is happy with my putting today. 

The wind blew a lot this afternoon and it was difficult to choose clubs a lot of time. Hopefully, I will get a calm morning tomorrow, teeing off at 7:50.

Scores can be viewed on this link:

Happy warm greetings from Sharjah.