Sharjah Senior Golf Masters, European Senior Tour, Round 2.


It was a 5 o'clock alarm call this morning. I teed off at 7:50 and we hoped for a calm morning, but the wind came up pretty quick and that reflected higher scores. A lot of the pins were difficult to get to also and made club choice crucial. I played well all day, but didn't manage to hit my ironshots close. All my good ironshots either came up short or long, so I was always trying to make birdie from 20 to 30 feet. I didn't make any of the putts, made an 8 feet putt for a birdie and two putted for another birdie. I consider it a good day when I didn't make a putt and still got it under par. I am in the hunt :).

I am very happy with my performance and I have a shot at the tournament tomorrow. I worked on my putting this afternoon, so let's hope I can make more putts tomorrow. Got to trust myself and get the speed right.

Scores can be viewed here:

Happy hunting tomorrow.....