The Staysure PGA Championship, the London Club.


Staysure PGA Championship, the London Club, England.

Our last 72 hole tournament of the year is finished and I have just been through a very difficult time for four days. I thought I had left the big disappointment from last weeks back 9 in the Senior Open at St. Andrews behind, but that wasn’t the case. I made a huge mistake and carried the frustrations on to this week.

We had a field of 90 players and I had to fight to make the cut after two days and stay in the top 60 players going forward to the weekend. I just barely made the cut and the weekend was horrific, with one mistake after another and no desire to be on course. I ended up tied 59th and really disappointed with myself, shooting 73 – 70 -75 -74 for five over par.

My frustrations add up to lack of results for a long period of time, even though I have tried my best in each and all tournaments. I expect a lot more of myself with the work I put in to playing the Staysure Tour and Champions Tour. I analyze, implement new things and work hard to make a living playing tournament golf. I am not getting anywhere at the moment and have a hard time coping with my stand still. I feel a lot of positives but can’t make the scores to go along with the positives. It seems like I encounter new unexpected problems at every tournament. It eats me up from the inside and drains me mentally. Mental surplus/control is the key to good tournament golf. I lacked that at this tournament. I have mentally been in control this year but that just changed last week.

It is time to regroup mentally. I have a week off now before 5 weeks of tournament golf again. It is extremely important I get this right now. I will work on getting my expectations right and move on from the low point of the year. I will be back home in Florida Monday and find a solution to this challenge. Come back next week to Russia with a reenergized mental game.

Last week was not all negative. I hit some of the best shots all year in the final round. I experimented with my weight distribution in my set up. I moved much more weight on to my left side at address. Suddenly I was hitting the ball much more solid and was able to hit ¾ shots and a fade much more comfortable. I have had such a hard time hitting these shots, so I am very excited to work more with these issues in Florida.

I will do a little bit of practice, but mostly take time away from the course to get hungry again. Will of course be working out and improving my fitness, a part of my every day quality of life.

Vacation wishes from Florida, cool