Suntree Challenge, Sunbelt Tour Tournament.


My first tournament on the Sunbelt Tour is finished. I can’t claim the result was satisfying, shooting 69-77-74 for a four over par and finished 12th.

I really struggled the last two rounds. I couldn’t get the club in the right slot on the way back. I was swinging it too much on the inside and looping it on the outside coming down. I pulled a lot of shots. Almost all my bad shots went left and they were hit on the toe of the club. It was like my body was in the way when I was swinging to the ball. 

Besides the problems with the swing, I was fooled by the greens over and over again. The fast bermuda greens were very difficult to read and made me a bit frustrated. I putted well in the first around third round, and I am really happy with the way my putting is progressing. 

I have now driven to Orlando and will stay here for 3 days. I am practicing at Lake Nona tomorrow before I play 18 holes. On Sunday I will leave for Jacksonville, where I play the next Sunbelt Tour tournament.  Before the tournament starts I will work on the following things:

1. Putter take away – slow and an accelerating follow through using my upper body to swing the putter.
2. Putts from 2 m and shorter.
3. Lag putting. Make sure I have the right speed on the long putts.
4. Short game from the bermuda grass. Keeping the clubhead open through impact.
5. Bunker shots. Take the club away from me, slicing across the ball with an open clubface.
6. The swing. Take the club straight back and keep it out in front of me, while turning my upper body.
7. ¾ Lobwedge, sandwedge and pitching wedge shots. Control of the flight of the ball. Low and straight in the air.
8. Physical workout every day.

My original plan was to play 7 tournaments on the Sunbelt Tour. The Sunbelt Tour organization has cancelled two tournaments in the last part of March and the beginning of April. This leaves a big gap between the 3 tournaments I am playing now and the last two I can play in mid April. I have decided to withdraw from the last two tournaments and go back to Denmark at the end of March, to cut down on my expenses. I will play the German Swing on the Ecco Tour instead in mid April.

I will check in again after the tournament in Jacksonville☺.