Swiss Seniors Open, Bad Ragaz Switzerland, Staysure Tour.



First, a big congratulations to the winner of the Swiss Seniors Open, my friend and colleague Jean Francois Remesey. Well done my friend .

I had a great chance to shoot some good rounds on the weekend but couldn’t get a good score in the clubhouse. I shot 70 – 69 – 69 for a two under total and finished 23rd.

The reason I didn’t shoot two 65’s on the weekend was my bad shots cost me too much. I am still struggling with the swing, I am not comfortable on a lot of shots and I get too steep on the attack, which results in an either open or closed clubface at impact. I am trying to incorporate as many changes as possible from last weeks practice with Leif Nyholm. The changes hasn’t fallen in to place yet, but I will keep working on them. Let me describe the changes shortly:

1. Ball position further forward in my stance.
2. Hands should be ahead of the clubface during the set up.
3. Bring left hip forward a little and tilt the right hip for a better turn.
4. Swing the arms straight back and the shaft on the inside.
5. Rotate going back and going through.
6. Get the left arm going more towards the target after contact with the ball.

Lots of swing thoughts. Naturally I can’t think of them all during a swing, so I use the ones I feel good with on course and during tournament rounds. Then go back to the range and work on the rest after the tournament round is done.

I am very close to scoring well and be part of the front runners in the tournaments. I am in a good place mentally and my putting is really good and consistent, so I just have to keep doing the same things and stay patient. I believe the swing will suddenly fall in to place and  that will get me more relaxed and my bad shots will improve.

I am off to Germany for the next tournament. We are playing WinstonGolf by Schwerin. A beautiful place and a course I enjoy. We are playing the links course again this year. They haven’t had any rain either, so it should be a tough test to keep the ball on the fairways to attack the pins.

Lots of summer greetings from the train to Zürich airport.