Swiss Seniors Open, Switzerland, European Senior Tour.


A very trying and confusing week is finished in beautiful Bad Ragaz, Switzerland. Trying because I tried a million things to make my swing work. Confusing because I was totally confused all week on my swing keys. I wasn't comfortable all week and the scores showed it. Shooting 68 - 74 - 70 to finish in 41st place was a bad week. Scores were low due to perfect greens and a well presented golf course. The weather was also very hot and the ball flew a long way all week. 

I closed my stance a little bit during warm up before the first round, to create a firmer left side and feel a better rotation. The key during the swing was to get my arms to start the downswing and then rotate the rest of the body. It worked great and I was hitting the ball really good. I shot two under par 68, but I didn't take advantage of all the good birdie opportunities I had. Not a bad start and nothing I couldn't live with. The changes I had made didn't work during warm up on the second day. Subconsciously, I must have started to close my upper body too during warm up before the second round. I was really struggling to bring the club head out in front of me, so I could get through the ball. I felt like my body was in the way of the club, believe me, it is not a good feeling :(.... I missed a green with a 9 iron and made a double bogey, but worse was to come. I shanked a 9 iron on my 13th hole to make a triple bogey on the hole. I cannot remember when I last shanked a shot. Two nine irons from the middle of the fairways cost me 5 shots, huge mistakes. I keep on making these silly mistakes and they are hard to swallow. I made a lot of bad mistakes in Finland, but this is even worse and I have to eliminate these if I am to be competitive again.

I hit a lot of balls after round two and opened up my body to get the shaft more out in front of me, It felt better and I played some good golf in the third round. Hit all 13 fairways and hit a lot of good shots. Didn't make a putt all day. Not because I hit bad putts, because a lot of the good putts didn't drop either. I am so much more comfortable over my putter and this is a good sign. I focus only on the line of the putt and try not to look at the putter head at all. Just focus and line and make my body hit the line. Big improvement. :) :) I know what to work on before I tee off in Winston, Germany next week. I will continue the good work I did after round 2 and hopefully get my scoring hat on in Germany :).

Summer greetings from Zürich airport.