Travis Perkins Masters, England. European Senior Tour.


Travis Perkins Masters was no success for me, finishing at the end of the field shooting 74, 78, 77. The course is very demanding and the last 6 holes are very tough to get through. I had a pretty good strategy for the week, par is good, but I made too many mistakes mentally and technically to be close to par for the week. 

I made a change to my putting after the first round, bending my left arm more and have more tension in the left elbow. It felt really good and stabilized the shaft during the stroke. I felt comfortable over the putter, but months of bad putting doesn't disappear overnight. The change is really good and I have to keep going in the right direction and be patient with the small positive moves I make.

Clearly, I have to take a step backwards and not let the putting issue get to the rest of my game. It is a fight and I have to put my head down and get through this rough patch. Tomorrow is a new tournament in Udine, Italy. New start and new chance for some consistent good golf.