Willow Golf Classic, England. European Senior Tour.


I am back in England after two very busy days in Denmark. I struggled to find time to update my blog during my short visit in Denmark, but here I am with an update from Willow Golf Classic.

Before Willow, I had two weeks off and enjoyed some time off from golf in Florida. Leading up to Willow, I had 4 days of quality practice and I was very upbeat teeing off Friday in the first round. I felt my game was in good shape and ready to go. Things didn't go as planned :(. I had a horrific start, being 3 over par after 5 holes. Got it back to even par after 9 holes and then shot 3 over par on my back nine to finish with a very disappointing 75. I had 9 putts between 1 and 2 meters during the round and missed 8 of them. It was embarrassing and desperately bad. I am moving my body all over the place when putting and it is impossible to get the ball started on the intended line. It is a combination of bad technique and lack of confidence.

I managed to shoot 71 - 71 on the weekend and finished around 40th. Not what I had in mind, when i started the week. Mentally, it turned out to be a very hard week, trying to make up lost ground from the first round.

The learning from last week is to lower my expectations for this week. In fact, try not to have any at all, just play as good as I can. I have been putting too much pressure on myself to perform and get the results. It doesn't work for me right now. I will have to accept my current form is less than good, improve my form, and take the positives with me to the next tournament. 

The course this week is very tight and demanding, so usually the scores are not low. Par is good and I will focus on making good decisions and commit myself to the shots I see. Relax and stay in the present.

Happy golfing from Woburn.