WinstonGolf Senior Open 2013.


It was a fantastic start to the tournament today. I played well from the first hole. I have changed my set up a little bit, putting more weight towards my left side on the set up. It gets me rotating the upper body better. This allows me to keep the clubface square through impact and hit the ball with a slight draw or straight.

I hit my  wedges from 80 to 95 yards very close on 3 occasions, and the result was 3 birdies. I have been working on this since last week.

My putting was really good today. The few times I was in trouble I managed to make the difficult par putts, so it was a round without a bogey. I am very comfortable on this course, it suits my eye and I am looking forward to the second round tomorrow.

This week every pro is playing with an amateur in the first two rounds. So we are grouped in four balls, two amateurs and two pros. My amateur bettered my score by ten shots, so our team shot 56 in a better ball:) My amateur made two net hole in ones today, one on a par four:):) I think we will win todays pro - am.

I have had succes with focusing on the round in front of me. Not getting ahead of my self and start thinking about Sunday and winning. I will keep the same focus tomorrow and when the round is done, I can lay down the tactics for Sunday.