Winstongolf Senior Open, Staysure Tour, Vorbeck, Germany.


Another week on the Staysure Tour is finished and for the second week in a row I will have to be satisfied with tied 23rd. Shooting level par for the tournament 74 - 70 - 72. I did my best again, even though I was challenged to the max, by a non working swing. I simply cannot get my upper and lower body to work together and it was one long struggle to find something that worked for the week. Thank god I have my good friend and caddy Gordon, he keeps me focused and makes a difference in every tournament. 

I had to go away from some of the things I practiced with coach Nyholm before the tournament because of a very soar and swollen left thumb/forearm. Trying to get the new swing to work, I have hit too many balls and overworked the left arm. Treatment in Switzerland kept the swelling and soarness at a stand still but it has come back and is giving me trouble. However, I never found the swing this week but thanks to good putting and shortgame I managed to get through this week at level par. 

I am thrilled with my putting and happy it is showing consistency every week. I am getting increasingly comfortable over the putter and hitting so many good putts. I hit my approach shots too far away from the pin to make a lot of birdies but hit many good putts that just shaved the edge of the hole. Another positive thing this week was my relaxed feeling on the course.

I have a week off now and as soon as my left thumb/arm is ready, I will be back on the range preparing for the British Senior Open at St. Andrews next week. Focus on my putting and getting more shallow on my attack to the ball. One solution I will try is getting my right arm in behind my left at attack. I sometimes feel like my right arm is too high and overtakes the left. "Just a few thoughts on what to work on this week". smiley

I know I am very close to putting it all together, but it is nice if it happens sooner than later...................PLEASE yes.


Enjoy the summer.