WINSTONgolf Senior Open, Staysure Tour, Vorbeck, Germany.


It is such a big pleasure to be playing at WINSTONgolf in the company of Mr. Pons family, friends, colleagues and business relations. It is now the 7th time I visit WINSTONgolf and the staff go a long way to please all of us during this special week. This year we were lucky to have Berhard Langer, Esteban Toledo and Jose Maria Olazabal in the field. It gives an extra  sparkle to the tournament.

I played really well in the first and the third round, actually VERY WELL. The putts didn't fall and I was left with decent scores in these rounds. I shot 69 - 73 - 70 for a four under total and tied 18th in the tournament. My game shows so much more, but I can't compete at the top of the field when I am not making the putts. This week I wasn't good at reading the greens and the pace wasn't great either. The good news is, I am hitting the line more often, so it is a matter of waiting and work on my confidence. 

No time to rest after the final round today. I am on my way to Manchester tonight to tee off tomorrow at 13.00 for the British Senior Open qualifying. I will get up early and see the course in the morning before I tee off. It is 18 hole qualifying and we won't know until tomorrow how many spots we are playing for. Fingers crossed, I play as well and just make a few putts.