Books & DVD's

Over the years I have participated in a couple of book and DVD projects. Below is a list of the most important ones:

DVD: Golf4Kids

A golf DVD containing more than four hours of instructions, advice and fun stories by the Tinnings (Iben, Ben and Steen). The Golf4Kids DVD is aimed at 5-13 year olds and their parents and grandparents.

The DVD can be purchased from


Book: Golf på Hjernen

My biography about the life as a touring golf pro through 20 years. I paved the way for others, and I was Danish player to qualify for The European Tour.

The book can be purchased from Arnold Busck


Book: Jernmænd

A book I wrote together with Rolf Sørensen and Rasmus Henning. Together with Rolf I decided I wanted to complete an Ironman Triathlon and we contacted Rasmus to get some mentoring. The book is very motivational for the aspiring triathlete and we offer a lot of tangible advice on how to complete the dream.

The book can be purchased from Arnold Busck