Course Management

I take great pride in communicating my knowledge of the game to the up-and-coming players. Thus I have developed an offer for the elite departments of golf clubs, where we set a goal for the performance of the elite team and together make a plan for reaching that goal.

Some of the elements included are:

  • Lecture: on the mental side of golf, practice makes perfect, do’s and don’t, course management skills, self management advise, equipment, evaluation, goalsetting, resetting a goal during a round of golf, yardages, pre shot routine, etc.
  • Course management: take elite players on the course and make them better players instantly.
  • Practice drills for the elite player.
  • Training camp. I will be a part of the elite players yearly training camp for a number of days. Usually performed in the early spring, somewhere warm.

Price: To be negotiated.