My team


Physiotherapist and Physical trainer Jakob Hansen
Jakob has worked as a Physiotherapist and Physical trainer since 1995 in his own practice fysioteam in Hellerup. Jakob helps a variety of clients achieving pain relief and better performance. His approach to physical training and treatment is primarily based on (re-)learning the nervous system to control movement. In combination with functionel training and manuel therapy this helps his clients create fast and lasting results. Before Steens first Ironman jakob supported Steen in his physical training and injury rehab.

Psychologist Ove Schroll
Partner in the consultancy company Bredahl & Schroll and the seminar company NLP Huset.
 Works professionally with coaching, communication, and management. Has also a big interest in sports psychology. Is active within skiing, sailing, scuba diving and golf.

PGA golfcoach Leif Nyholm

Leif Nyholm has worked as a PGA golfcoach since 1990. Leif is part owner of Greve Golf Klub and is using Greve as his teaching base. Leif has worked with several of the Danish players. Besides Steen Tinning, Leif has also taught Steens cousin Iben Tinning, Anders Hansen and Thomas Bjørn. Leif has also coached international players such as Michael Jonzon, Klaes Erikson, Maarten Lafteber and Svend Strüver. Besides teaching, Leif has also worked for 20 years as an ekspert commentator on Viasat Golf. Last but not least Leif has also worked as a consultant for the Danish Golf Union to develop the Danish players on the national teams.

Physioterapist Brian Dåsbjerg
Brian Dåsbjerg is a physioterapist and also has a bachelor degree in physical training. He is competing in Military Pentathlon where he won the world championship in 2010 and the European Championship in 2004. He has 28 victories on the Worldcup. He holds several national and nordic records in Military Pentathlon.
Brian Dåsbjerg is the owner of Danish Sports Academy from there he is guiding Steen with his physical training. Steen and Brian teamed up before Steen's first Ironman, and now Brian is guiding him, so that his physical shape is top level.