I have a limited amount of partners with all of whom I prefer to have long and lasting relationships. A partner programme is always tailored to your needs, but it usually contains some of the items below:

1. Company logo on clothes, hat or golf bag.
2. Press meeting at your offices.
3. Industry exclusivity.
4. Sponsor representation. Your company name will be stated in programs, official tour magazines, starting times, etc.
5. 1 to 3 company days per year in Denmark or other countries.
6. 1 golf trip during the winter months, maximum 18 persons, duration 3 to 6 days.
7. 1 – 3 golf rounds at The Scandinavian, maximum 3 persons per round.
8. Participation in my Steen Tinning partner programme event with the other partners
9. The possibility of donating me for charity purposes for a day.
10. Goodwill at golf clubs or local communities by donating me for a day to teach golf.